When I was little

I was thinking of when I was little
And how things were different then
The toys we had the games we played
Life was easy way back when

The summer was sunny
The fog was thick
And we played in our gardens
With a ball and a stick

We made camps in our bedrooms
Made go-karts from scratch
Used jumpers for goal posts
When we played a match

We swam in the river
Cos we hadn’t a care
Then walked home in the dark
Just in our underwear

And we knew it was home time
When the street lights came on
And life it was perfect
We were never at home

I look at children today
And I think that it’s sad
That they don’t experience
The joy that we had

They don’t have respect
Stay indoors on their games
They cus and they fight
And I think it’s a shame

We should do more to teach them
That life could be great
If they just played outside
Like we did with our mates

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