In silent storms – 2014

I’ve got an exploding energy
And I keep pacing the floor
My head is screaming, nothings clear
My anxiety starts to soar

Electricity is running through me
This energy is so intense
I want to scream my head off
And nothing’s making sense

It’s more of an aching sadness
Than depression that I feel
Confused in mind and in heart
That nothing seems to heal

Candles flicker causing shadows
And I imagine someone there
I want to go over for a hug
But it’s just an empty chair

And so I sit in silent storms
My sanity, a trick of the light
My music playing in the background
Will get me through another night

56 thoughts on “In silent storms – 2014

  1. How you can put such feelings to words. Words that then translate back into the feelings for the reader. A true poet. The feelings still flow throughout me. Thank you for sharing such deep and rich feelings expressed so beautifully that I can’t help but feel pleasure through your expression, and compassion for the experience you had to endure.


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