Facebook drives me crazy

I went on facebook this morning
To check my mail and say hello
When I spotted on my newsfeed
Stuff that I don’t need to know

Like how you can’t stop sneezing
Or your sinuses are killing
That you got a pile of ironing
And your washing machine needs filling

I don’t need to know what your doing
Every minute of the day
I don’t care that it’s still raining
Or your appointments running late

Or about all of your relationships
Or when your slagging off your mates
Or of all the friend requests you’ve sent
To those in reality, you hate

And what’s with the crying faces
You post for attention on your updates
That you have no intention of answering
When questioned by your mates

And stop sending me those damn requests
For those stupid facebook games
And I’m pretty sure I can live without
Not knowing my pornstar name

For goodness sake get a life
Ya status’s are boring
It’s not necessary that I know
Who you woke up with this morning

114 thoughts on “Facebook drives me crazy

  1. OMG! You remind me of the blogger who had hired a woman to slap him everytime he was online on facebook! This made my day, simply brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Everybody that wrote an update to say they walked from one part of a room to another I got rid of. Definitely do not need no information boring stuff constantly notifying me.

    Liked by 1 person

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