Thankyou for teaching me

I’m glad that you abused me
Because it taught me empathy
I might have turned out just like you
If not for the way you treated me

Your violence taught me to be gentle
And my despair, it taught me hope
Weakness taught me how to be strong
Without which, I never would have coped

Every time you hit and hurt me
You thought it made me feel inept
But you were far too stupid
To see, it just taught me respect

Your demands taught me how to question
You taught I could, when you said I can’t
And your constant screaming and shouting
Just put more love inside my heart

You hurt me like you wouldn’t believe
By the way you treated me
Venom rushed through your veins
You were pain, hate and apathy

I wrote this not to hurt but thankyou
For all the things that you taught me
And I can’t help but smile from time to time
As it’s not you… but I… that’s free

139 thoughts on “Thankyou for teaching me

    • Thankyou. I wrote this a while ago after I left my abusive husband. I needed to look at things in a different way to help me heal. I’m glad you liked reading this 🙂


      • I truly learned from this. I too had an abusive husband, divorce him years ago but just recently loved again and was cheated and badly hurt so, your words help me to learn again and look at my hurt in a different way. I am tired of hurting… hope your life is happier now, I know mine will be someday, much love and peace to you, Michelle


        • Thankyou Michelle, 18 years later and I’m a lot happier than I was. I did the same as you, went from the abuse to a cheat but ya know what, that’s just unlucky. Not all men are like that and although I’m single I have lots of male friends that I’ve known for years and are the kindness men I know so they are out there. Love will find you, I’m sure of it and like me, the hurt will be just a memory. I wish you love and happiness. Stephanie-May 🙂

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