Allow me introduce you to Mike and (K)

I’d like to introduce you to Mike and (K). Two wonderful and very supportive people who have just started up two blogs, yes, TWO blogs aimed at supporting people with depression and anxiety and who are currently based in Abergavenny Monmouthshire.

Mike is the founder of MEN HEAL and works with his friend (K).
(K) works tirelessly to promote the groups and even finds time to help run them too.

The first blog, MEN HEAL ( ) is aimed primarily at men although they would like to hear from women who know men who suffer with this condition.
The suicide rate for men is three times higher than that of women.
Some people have a long term condition which can’t be cured but instead can be managed. Other people will fully recover.
The second blog BREAKTHRU ( ) an organisation supporting ANYONE with depression and anxiety.

These blogs were started in a cafe and they are currently working very hard to be able to move to a more permanant base.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would visit the blogs and leave them your thoughts, ideas, words of encouragement or maybe a small donation.


If you would like to contact Mike or (K) for a chat or an offer of help then you can E-mail them here…

Thankyou in advance


23 thoughts on “Allow me introduce you to Mike and (K)

    • I also know first hand how cruel people can be and it became even more apparent when I volunteered at a mental health drop in centre

      They don’t understand how depression and anxiety can take over your life and destroy whole families.
      This is why blogs like this, mine and many others need to be shared and heard so as they can help as well as teach people to be a little more understanding.


    • Depression is definitely not malingering. It’s a debilitating illness.

      You are right that some people are negative about people with depression, however I have found most people very understanding.

      I had a friend once who thought I was lucky to have time off work. I had severe depression which was my reason for being off work. We only used to meet up every year or two. However about three years later he called me up and I asked how he had been in the past year.

      He said that his entire life has almost been destroyed by depression. His marriage, his work and friends were almost all lost. He apologised to me saying how he thought depression was just sadness. Once he realised what it was really like his empathy increased greatly.

      This is why both educating people and ending stigma are key strategies to moving to a better place. This is something I’m passionate about.

      Take care


      • I do my level and humble best to educate without drum banging. I’ve had a bit of practice now, after 40 odd years.
        I wish you luck with the venture, and you can rest assured there are lots of people like me (I know loads of them) trying to establish that we aren’t weird, we’re ill. Just as diabetics suffer an imbalance, we suffer an imbalance

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  1. welcome to both, I stay away from writing about mental health issues other than in my poetry but perhaps I should tackle it at some point. I am recovering from anxiety and depression (just finished cognitive behavior thinking therapy and coming off my meds) and feeling much more like me again. Anyone who hasn’t gone through it may struggle to completely comprehend the despair and desperation of these ailments (heck, I came close to ceasing my existence lease, but that’snot something i’ll discuss right now). I wish anyone with mental health problems the very best and hope their recovery is swift, we may never be completely cured butwe sure as hell can cope with life better than most when we bounce back! hugs from baldy

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  2. I think men’s depression is often misunderstood and misrepresented. I’m encouraged when I learn of sites like this. I’ve found it doesn’t take an army to help, but just a few who care and can relate. That makes all the difference. Thanks for what all of you do.

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    • Yes, I agree with you on that one. Being a female I can’t understand why men with depression are treated differently. They have feelings and hurt and struggle just like everyone else.
      I’m glad you like the idea of MENHEAL. Mike and his team are great people doing a wonderful job.
      Have a great day Eli and thankyou for taking the time to leave a comment 🙂

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    • Thanks Eli. Very kind of you. I think depression is misunderstood by many, but like you say even more so for men. I have seen so many men suffering with mental health issues who didn’t seek help or when they didn’t they didn’t get the support they needed.

      One criticism of the counselling and psychotherapy professions, is that they don’t cater for men properly because they are often mostly female so they don’t quite understand what it is to be male. We need more male counsellors (just as we probably need more female politicians).

      Apparently when ‘learn to seek less help’ too:

      I’m not sure if you were aware, but the suicide rate for men is three times higher than that for women. Of course suicide of anyone is bad, whatever gender or race they are, but it is important to try and work out if there’s a way to understand and combat the higher male suicide rate.

      [Note: If anyone is feeling suicidal or distressed then contact The Samaritans of an equivalent organisation where you are]

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    It’s always nice when we acknowledge other blogs and bloggers, a like it good, but a reblog is better. And a review? Cake AND icing!

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