Come and find me – 2014

Come an find me
If you dare
I’ve all this love
I need to share

I don’t like being
On my own
No-one here
Always alone

Take me to
A better place
Hold me tight
Kiss my face

Lay me down
Stroke my hair
Love me softly
Say you care

Stay a while
Dance with me
Take my heart
And set me free

Come an find me
If you dare
I’ve all this love
I need to share


45 thoughts on “Come and find me – 2014

  1. There are days in the tropics, when a poem by another writer can draw colour from the sky, paint a picture of places, where sometimes a mind forgets to share, but for in the moment that it found while listening, watching in such places, it remembers once more; I liked it there:

    Night, where time’s words light, shine a little brighter each time, out to explore amongst these wooded words, carved like long forgotten veins of ash in charcoal trunks, tall and broken, from when storms tilted their lightening, on what seemed such calm days along foreshores between a forest and a sea, such places where winds rattle falling leaves, to whisper their tales of unchosen anonymity, upon reaching a surface seen before by many others tethered in gravity’s denial of flight, time pauses, and we unlike these falling leaves can still breathe, taste the salt air, walk, and dance in tales to choice and finding different places, people, and falling leaves that can fly.

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