Dear Santa

I know that it’s been forty years
Since I wrote you my last letter
But I thought that you could help me
To maybe feel a little better

I was wondering could you send me
Someone like me who’s all alone
I could really use the company
So that I’m not on my own

He doesn’t have to be good looking
Or have a heart of gold
I’d just like someone that I can love
Someone that I can hold

To walk with me when I go out
To hold my hand and cuddle me
Someone to talk about my day with
And watch movies on TV

I understand that things seem worse
Around this seasons holiday
But dear Santa, I’m really hurting
And I cry nearly everyday

I’m not asking for forever
And I don’t need hearts and flowers
I just need someone to talk with
To pass away some lonely hours

So if you’re not too busy
Could you please pass by my way
So I can wake up with a hug
For a fantastic Christmas day


80 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. sending a gazillion hugs for you to wake up with (and then spend the rest of the festive season with, then I’ll send a gazillion more to get you through new year). best wishes from baldy, pal 🙂


  2. And more HUGS! Please trust that a larger love surrounds you and the courage you are radiating in opening to intimacy will let this radiance flow into your life. In this special season, a time when many hearts are lonely, remember the wisdom of others who remind us “Give first what you want, and you shall receive.”

    And even more HUGS! Namaste’


  3. Aww, No tears this holiday season or anytime of the year. You deserve someone to love you back all through the year. Someone to hold your hand and cuddle with at night. So don’t sell yourself short sweetie I think you deserve a prince to start the new year out right. Posting an angel note for you! Hugs!!!!


  4. I dont ask anything from Santa anymore. He’s a mean ole grinch who never responds to me. Sooo, i dont think I will be nice the entire year anymore.

    p/s …i noticed your name is Stephanie, too. 🙂


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