I’m here today, just very sad
Drinking tea from my favourite cup
They’ll be no tears, not this time
Because they’ve all dried up

It’s not that I’m unhappy
I have friends and love my home
But I feel so lost all of the time
And I can’t stand to be alone

I go outside and I can’t breathe
I stay in and I feel so sad
Friends they call and visit me
But when they leave I’m really glad

I find that with each passing day
I love myself less and less
To end it all, is to end it all
And say goodbye to all this stress

But even that won’t take the pain
It will only pass it on
To everyone who loves me
They’d be so hurt at what I’d done

I know what’s wrong but I can’t fix it
I don’t need pity or advice
I really don’t know want I need
Except to change my whole damn life

No need to worry because as usual
I’ll be here to fight another day
What will be, will be for me
And I’ll accept it come what may

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