T’was the night before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas, such a bad girl am I
I wanted to give Santa some ‘sweet cherry pie’

I had on my stockings and a touch of lipstick
Cos I wanted a ride on ‘the man’s’ disco stick

As the big man himself bounded through my door
I wondered excitedly what was in store

He stood there and bellowed a “Ho ho ho ho”
I said “Don’t call me that or I’ll tell you to go”

He pointed to the bedroom, that big man in red
And tied me up tight face down on the bed

While running his finger all the way down my back
He said “Now isn’t this better than what’s in my sack”

In his hand he had paddles, a whip and a cane
Spikes on a stick, hot wax and cold chains

I thought to myself “Oooh now that’s rather nice,
I do love a bit of the ol’ Christmas spice”

So sure of himself. Made me scream and then beg
As he used all his weight to pin down my legs

“You’re such a bad girl, I think you need a spank”
“I’m not on the pill, I hope you’re firing blanks”

A few hours later when his good deed was done
He said he must leave now that he’d had his fun

“Is there anythig else my dear that you wish”
“Oooh Santa yes please. The bad boys on your list”

“I’ll see what I can do and I wish you good cheer
And oh, by the way……… Same time next year” !!!












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