51,216 Hours,2134 Days

2,134 days ago

Since I saw him standing there

So beautiful and what a smile

With salt and pepper hair


He always had one of those smiles

That made his whole face bloom

His eyes would sparkle when he did it

You knew when he was in a room


He has a great sense of humour

And his heart is strong and true

You’ll never meet more of a gentleman

And he’s very beautiful too


I’ll never stop caressing him

Or kissing behind his ear

I’ll always see him on my sofa

Even though he won’t be there


Separation, well it seems so neat

When wrapped in a paper bag

But right here in the real world

It’s just heart breaking and sad


I’ll never lose the butterflies

In my tummy, no that won’t change

And I’ll lose my breath most every time

At the mention of his name


2134 days of loveliness

51,216 hours of you

I’m lucky to have had them

And I’ll be forever loving you


The hours that I had with you

I will treasure all my days

You will always be my sunshine

Today, tomorrow and always


7 thoughts on “51,216 Hours,2134 Days

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  2. another great piece darklyblue, love your stuff and how you express yourself, its been a while and its good to see you around, hope things are ok.
    look forward to reading more of your thoughts 🙂


    • Thankyou. I really appreciate it. Admittedly I’ve had a lot going on the last year or so and have been struggling with my mental health but I’m hoping to write more as and when I feel up to it. Thankyou for taking the time to comment. It’s much appreciated 🙂


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