Thankyou for teaching me

I’m glad that you abused me
Because it taught me empathy
I might have turned out just like you
If not for the way you treated me

Your violence taught me to be gentle
And my despair, it taught me hope
Weakness taught me how to be strong
Without which, I never would have coped

Every time you hit and hurt me
You thought it made me feel inept
But you were far too stupid
To see, it just taught me respect

Your demands taught me how to question
You taught I could, when you said I can’t
And your constant screaming and shouting
Just put more love inside my heart

You hurt me like you wouldn’t believe
By the way you treated me
Venom rushed through your veins
You were pain, hate and apathy

I wrote this not to hurt but thankyou
For all the things that you taught me
And I can’t help but smile from time to time
As it’s not you… but I… that’s free


But for the grace of God go I

The world would be much better
If we showed more empathy
Everybody needs it sometimes
We all cry and we all bleed

Empathy is a soft presence
That can reach inside the heart
Of the desperate or the broken
And it’s the perfect place to start

Just imagine “What if it was you”
Who struggled every day
Wouldn’t you hope that someone
Would have kind words to say

Just be nice because everybody
At least one time in their life
Will look upon another and think
There but for the grace of God go I

Words collide

Violence says “just hit her”
Jealousy says “don’t trust”
Insecure says “keep her locked away”
Dominant says “you must”

Courage says “just leave him”
Question just asks “why”
Bravery says “you’re better than this”
Hope says “please don’t cry”

Experience says “it’s far too risky”
Pride says “you just can’t”
Reason says “it’s pointless”
“Give it a try” whispers the heart

If you need me

When you’re lost in your darkness
And you just want to walk away
From everything that’s hurting
Please let me help you find your way

I will always be here for you
If only you would let me try
Just take my hand, I’ll walk with you
Through one day at a time

You’re so important to me
And I’m always proud of you
For the wonderful person that you are
For all you say and all you do

All you have to do is trust me
I’ll be there, because I can
Cos leaving you alone my friend
Just ain’t part of my plan

Just a little bit

Now that the nights are drawing in
Flowers sleep throughout the winter
The icy winds blow up a gale
And everywhere, sparkles like glitter

The frost it is a bitter cold
We put on our scarves and hats
As we walk we can see our breath
And beneath our feet, frost cracks

I love it when it’s frosty out
I get to snuggle up and hide away
With songs I love, they soothe my mind
And set my heart ablaze

I think of all I have and all I miss
All in all I’m happy, so I won’t quit
After all, if something is worth fighting for
It’s gonna hurt just a little bit

It’ll be ok

When you want to scream your head off
But the world drowns out the sound
And your heartbeat becomes louder
Than your footsteps on the ground

Try to remember, your day will come
It will be your turn to shine
And it’s ok to cry your eyes out
The clouds do it all the time

So don’t give up and don’t give in
Because life will carry on
Remember it’s the hard times
That will help to make you strong

Bruises will fade

Be still now please my painful heart
There is no need to mourn
It’s through pain, hate and rejection
That your strength will be reborn

Bones will always mend in time
And bruises they will fade
And what he did against my will
Those memories will fade

An eye for an eye I don’t want or need
It will only make everyone blind
I refuse to become tarnished just like him
By the hate, cruelty and lies

So I will not look to seek revenge
For what you took from me
As love and hope and kindness
Still live inside of me

One in three

It doesn’t matter who you are
Abuse will always leave a scar
It follows us home, to work, at play
It follows everywhere we are

Statistics say mental health problems
Affect every one in three
I know about the discrimination
As one of the three is me

It will take away our innocence
Along with hopes and dreams
No-one understands the hold it has
It feeds off despair and steals our dreams

I wish I could do so much more
As people suffer for far too long
Words I write don’t seem enough
And I feel all I do is wrong

So I hold onto little reminders
Although few and far between
And see the good in everyone
Even when others don’t seem as keen

Please don’t listen to their poison
Cling onto love and truth and hope
Think of all that’s beautiful
A happy place to help you cope

And when you think all hope is lost
And life has given up on you
Remember, you are not alone
One in three, are there, with you

A Smile

A smile can show you’re happy
And the joy that you are feeling
A smile can be so many things
But it can also be deceiving

It hides that you are worried
Or too frightened to go home
When you feel you are not worthy
And deserve to be alone

It masks anxiety that you feel
As you pass people in the street
To make eye contact unnerves you
So you stare down at your feet

We use our smile so often
When people ask “how are you”
They don’t wait for an answer
And they haven’t got a clue

I wear mine most everyday
To stop myself from crying
And I’ve got very good at it
People say I’m always smiling

Believe in yourself

There is hope through all the violence
If you hold on for one more day
Although difficult and painful
I know that you will find a way

Fear, nightmares and flashbacks
Though always there, will fade
As long as you hold onto this
You were not to blame

Your future is now in your hands
Don’t let him take that too
Evil will plant his seeds of hate
But love will grow inside of you

So when you feel you have nothing left
Or feel life has given up on you
Remember you were once amazing
And you will again be too

I know it’s hard to see your life
How it was back then
Before he came and broke it
But believe… you will again