Just another day

Hello Life, I’ve been looking for you
Won’t you come back to me?
I miss you and I need you
And the girl I used to be

The laughter in my heart has gone
And the life in me is fading
I’ve tried with everything I have
To stop my tears cascading

I’ve tried to be that girl again
That dances, laughs and sings
But it’s all gone, there’s nothing left
There’s no more life can bring?

Fate leads us to many things
The best thing being love
All I have are silent memories
And a love I can’t speak of

Nothing is sadder in this life
Than the death of an illusion
Held in darkness of secrecy
In a heart wrenching delusion

It’s not just being loved I miss
I miss so many things
I miss the laughter and excitement
That other people bring

I can’t talk to my friends of this
Of how my lust for life has gone
I’ve told myself it doesn’t matter
But I can’t stand to be alone


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my friends near and far
I’ll be wishing you well wherever you are
You’re all so great and I love you to bits
My life would be rubbish without you lot in it

So out with the old and in with the new
And wherever you are I’ll be thinking of you
While raising my glass with wishes sincere
For you all to have a happy New Year

And the beat goes on

Everyone marches to the beat of a drum
A soundtrack they live their life to
Music speaks where words can fail
It’ll comfort and entice you

It speaks what cannot be expressed
Takes broken hearts and makes them whole
It lifts your spirits and gives you hope
Straight from heaven to your soul

It reminds us of love unreachable
We’ll sing along through falling tears
For those we need to leave behind
Or have left us through the years

A song has many different meanings
Depending on the mood you feel
It stirs a great array of memories
That nobody can steal

When I was little

I was thinking of when I was little
And how things were different then
The toys we had the games we played
Life was easy way back when

The summer was sunny
The fog was thick
And we played in our gardens
With a ball and a stick

We made camps in our bedrooms
Made go-karts from scratch
Used jumpers for goal posts
When we played a match

We swam in the river
Cos we hadn’t a care
Then walked home in the dark
Just in our underwear

And we knew it was home time
When the street lights came on
And life it was perfect
We were never at home

I look at children today
And I think that it’s sad
That they don’t experience
The joy that we had

They don’t have respect
Stay indoors on their games
They cus and they fight
And I think it’s a shame

We should do more to teach them
That life could be great
If they just played outside
Like we did with our mates

And we hide

We live in a deceitful world
Of comforting illusion
We hide our true intentions
While we revel in confusion

We use a mask too often
We conceal ourselves through fear
Of showing who we really are
Even from people we hold dear

Or to just prolong deception
For those we wish to expose
Or to bring us comfort from pain
That insecurities help grow

We use it sometimes just to hide
From things too painful to accept
Like all the sadness and the hurt
That makes us feel inept

You decide

The best of us will learn from
Mistakes made in our past
While others will be doomed
To repeat them much too fast

Unburdened by the confines
Of conscience and the like
They are the ruthless monsters
Who hide within plain sight

For every single person
There will always be two sides
One we reveal to others
And the one we choose to hide

A duality governed by balance
Of the darkness and the light
The capacity for good and evil
Deciding what is wrong or right

Everything would be better
If we all took off our armour
Only those who define the moral divide
Will truly have the power


Happy birthday to my blog
A year has gone so fast
I’m really glad I started it
It’s been such a blast

There’s so much I wanna say
But I’ll try to keep it short
Thankyou to all my followers
For your kindness and support

And thankyou for your e-mails
(I think I like them the most)
And thankyou for your comments
You leave every time I post

I think you’re all so talented
And you’ve really made me smile
I’m glad I got to meet you all
You’ve made my blog worthwhile

I suppose it’s a good a time as any
To answer the question of my name
You all know me here as Darkyblue
Well here it is, I’m Stephanie-May 🙂

New year, new start

I’m not hurt that you lied to me
I’m more hurt that I believed
I dislike that I’m so gullible
And that I’m easily deceived

It took time for me to trust you
But in seconds, you blew it apart
I suppose after years of practice
You got it down to a fine art

I never realised until now
That you’ve no friends to call upon
It was only me who fell for your lies
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone