I cannot see the future
But I know that it’s still there
Just like I breathe every single day
Though I cannot see the air

He Skype’s me on my laptop
Whenever he is free
He smiles and waves and chats and laughs
At a very lucky me

I cannot feel his kisses
But they always touch my lips
And his arms they ne’er touch my skin
But I feel their loving grip

I don’t see him in person
But trust me, he is always there
So just because he can’t be with me
Doesn’t mean that he don’t care

And even though I’m very lonely
I know that I will be ok
Because my Sunshine loves me
He keeps me smiling everyday


51,216 Hours,2134 Days

2,134 days ago

Since I saw him standing there

So beautiful and what a smile

With salt and pepper hair


He always had one of those smiles

That made his whole face bloom

His eyes would sparkle when he did it

You knew when he was in a room


He has a great sense of humour

And his heart is strong and true

You’ll never meet more of a gentleman

And he’s very beautiful too


I’ll never stop caressing him

Or kissing behind his ear

I’ll always see him on my sofa

Even though he won’t be there


Separation, well it seems so neat

When wrapped in a paper bag

But right here in the real world

It’s just heart breaking and sad


I’ll never lose the butterflies

In my tummy, no that won’t change

And I’ll lose my breath most every time

At the mention of his name


2134 days of loveliness

51,216 hours of you

I’m lucky to have had them

And I’ll be forever loving you


The hours that I had with you

I will treasure all my days

You will always be my sunshine

Today, tomorrow and always

For my valentine

I don’t need a day like today
To say that I love you
Because I adore you everyday
And I will tomorrow too

I love all of the phone call’s
That you make everyday
They always keep me smiling
For every minute of my day

Ya know if anyone heard us
In all our glorious stupidity
They’d send the men in white coats
Lock us up and lose the key

I hope you get to watch the game
You love watching your team play
And that you whoop those rotton Eagles
When you face them later today

And while you’re watching footie
I will be lost in thoughts of you
So I’ll pour a drink and raise my glass
To my best friend darlin … You

It’s ok that you’re mad

I wish that I could hug you
While you’re sat there at home
I really want to call you
But I know you’re not alone

I hope that last night and today
Have been good to you and kind
Remember that I love you
And that you’ve been on my mind

I hope you’re getting lots of hugs
To stop you getting stressed
Although I’m sad that I can’t give them
You deserve the very best

So keep your chin up darlin
And just keep sharing how you feel
Know that I’m so very proud of you
And I’ll do my best to help you heal

Don’t forget, it’s normal
If sometimes you get a little sad
You’re only feeling like this darlin
Cos you’re like me now … You’re mad

Mr Grumpy Socks

He gets up in the morning
And he moans about the time
He hates to leave so early
It’s so crazy in his mind

He leaves for work begrudgingly
Asks rhetorically, what’s the time
Complains his backpack is too heavy
And the weather’s far from fine

If someone walks behind him
He’ll slow the pace he’s walking
“I don’t want them bloody listening
When I’m on the phone and talking”

He looks into shop windows
And comments “ooh, that’s nice”
But then he moans because the item
Doesn’t display the price

Then he has to pass the cafe
It’s closed , oh what a pain
Something else to moan about
No sausage cob for him again

When he reaches the office
The moaning don’t stop there
He’s got conference calls and meetings
And the winds messed up his hair

Although he’s always moaning
I love him lots and lots
Cos he’s my little sunshine
He’s my Mr grumpy socks

Till pears grow on lemon trees

I love you because your beautiful
You’re just so great at being you
I love you for the man you are
And for all the things you do

I adore you, me lil sunshine
I wanna climb a hill and shout
I’ll love you till pears grow on lemon trees
I just love you inside out

I love it when you come to visit
And you hug me in the hall
And babe, your smile lights up my heart
Holding your hand, I’m ten feet tall

I ache with love in thoughts of you
You’re all I want and all I need
And when I look into your eyes
My whole world stares back at me

To the stars an back

I’ve written words so many times
Of how you make my day
Of how I love and care for you
But they just don’t portray

How when I say I love you
I feel every word inside
Or how I get the butterflies
Every time I see you smile

Or when you take hold of my hand
It’s such a perfect fit
Or how your face feels like velvet
When pressed against my lips

This is so annoying
It drives me crazy as I write
That I can’t put words to paper
I just can’t get it right

I’ll never find the words I want
I guess that I don’t have the knack
So you’ll have to make do with…
I love you to the stars and back

Good mornin baby

Good morning my sweet baby
Tell me how well did you sleep
I only got three hours
Because you weren’t next to me

I tossed and turned, got up then down
Then tried to close my eyes
The bed was cold without you
Snuggled up right by my side

You see I’ve been thinking of you
And not getting any rest
I tried holding my pillow
But it’s nothing like your chest

I tried putting on my music
But it didn’t do any good
So I’m ready for work and writing you this
Purely because I could

Are you coming home yet

The clock is gently ticking
As it counts down all the days
Until I get to hold you
And kiss your lovely little face

I’ve missed our chat this afternoon
The one that we have everyday
While we are on our coffee breaks
To ask about eachother’s day

There are so many miles between us
I hate it when you go away
But baby, let me ask you this
While you’re on your holiday

Are you coming back yet
It seems ages since you went
Do you miss me as I miss you
Did you get the love I sent 🙂

I put it in a great big parcel
Cos it was too big for a letter
I stuffed it with loads of kisses too
So if you miss me you’ll feel better

I hope you are relaxing
With a nice cool pint of beer
And enjoying through your earphones
All the songs you love to hear

While sitting on your balcony
Or by the pool beneath the sun
I hope you enjoy your pizza later
And are having lots of fun

My best friend

You are my love and my best friend
Loving you is easy like breathing air
And even though I hurt sometimes
It’s fine cos I know you are there

My darlin when I think of you
I get this feeling in my heart
I can feel the love you have for me
When we’re together or apart

You really are my sunshine
And I couldn’t love you more
We’ve laughed and cried and listened
In you what more could I ask for

You’re my smile, my strength my comfort
And I trust you like no other
You’re the air I breath, the words I write
You’re my best friend and my lover