Allow me introduce you to Mike and (K)

I’d like to introduce you to Mike and (K). Two wonderful and very supportive people who have just started up two blogs, yes, TWO blogs aimed at supporting people with depression and anxiety and who are currently based in Abergavenny Monmouthshire.

Mike is the founder of MEN HEAL and works with his friend (K).
(K) works tirelessly to promote the groups and even finds time to help run them too.

The first blog, MEN HEAL ( ) is aimed primarily at men although they would like to hear from women who know men who suffer with this condition.
The suicide rate for men is three times higher than that of women.
Some people have a long term condition which can’t be cured but instead can be managed. Other people will fully recover.
The second blog BREAKTHRU ( ) an organisation supporting ANYONE with depression and anxiety.

These blogs were started in a cafe and they are currently working very hard to be able to move to a more permanant base.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would visit the blogs and leave them your thoughts, ideas, words of encouragement or maybe a small donation.


If you would like to contact Mike or (K) for a chat or an offer of help then you can E-mail them here…

Thankyou in advance


A minute of your time please

Hi everyone,
I’d like to introduce you all to Vicki-Jane Appleton, a wonderful lady who for a while now, has dedicated most of her time to helping people with a wide range of mental health problems.
Please could you take a few minutes to check out the following blogs and maybe leave her your thoughts, ideas or just words of encouragement. I would really appreciate it.

She is ideally looking for anyone creative with mental health issues to volunteer their time with the view of paid work as soon as funding is secured. She is also looking for designers, photographers, musicians, artists, anyone in fact that would be happy to donate time or materials to her workshop.

If you have any questions about her sites or need someone to talk to then please feel free to contact her at
or on
linkedin (Vicki-Jane Appleton)

Thankyou in advance

DB xx